Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best Christmas Movies EVER

Everyone will have a few differences of opinion on the best Christmas movies of all time, but here are a few compiled and compromised from MovieFone,, CBS, Oprah, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, Rotten Tomatoes, and heavily influenced by my own biases.

(IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER- Because to do so would only mean to be wrong)


Rent ELF from Amazon Instant for $1.99, download for purchase instantly for $9.99, or buy the DVD for $7.99.


Download and buy it instantly from Amazon for $9.99.


Rent from Amazon for $2.99 (Not available on Netflix or Hulu)

WHITE CHRISTMAS and HOLIDAY INN (I can't decide which I like better, so they both get placement)

White Christmas is available on Netflix, but Holiday Inn is not. You can buy White Christmas on Amazon Instant Download for $9.99 (no rental available). Holiday Inn is available for $2.99 rental on Amazon, and $9.99 download.
Fun Facts (from a huge fan of both films): Holiday Inn came out first and made a hit out of the song "White Christmas." An entire film (White Christmas) was written just to showcase that song afterwards. And quite frankly, that song was far from the being the break-out hit of the second film! Rosemary Clooney was not the first choice to play her character, and the music had to be re-written to accommodate her vocal range. Vera Ellen was a magnificent dancer, but couldn't carry a tune. So even though she is shown singing in several scenes, her part was dubbed over later by a different and uncredited singer, Trudy Stevens. (I've watched the films several times and can't really see any flaws in the dubbing! Probably one of the best lip-synch jobs in history!) Holiday Inn featured Fred Astaire, who declined the part in White Christmas later on. Danny Kaye was also not the first or second choice for the role, but went on to make it one of his most memorable. The song "Sisters" (one of the best in White Christmas) was not song by Trudy Stevens. Instead, Rosemary Clooney sang both parts in the recording.


Available on Amazon for $2.99 rental. Not available on Netflix.


This movie may confuse people. There are 3 different versions (if not more) of this wonderful film. There is the original 1947 Natalie Wood version, the 1955 TV version re-make, and the more modern 1994 version. All three are available on Amazon, but only the TV re-make is on Netflix.  The 1955 re-make is currently free for rental on Amazon!


This Dickens' classic has also had multiple remakes, and each one deserves its own spot in the list. From the Muppets version to the original, they are all available on Amazon.  Only the Black Adder version is on Netflix.

There are several other movies that could make this list, "A Christmas Story" (which I don't like so I intentionally left it off), "Scrooged," "Love Actually," "The Bishop's Wife," and the "Santa Clause." Much to my surprise, "Gremlins" made several of the lists as well, but I just can't bring myself to posting that one!
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