Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grip N' Tip Nail Polish Holder

This year I have to buy gifts for two individuals I don't know. One is a new in-law, the other is a potential? in-law. My brother-in-law I am not too worried about. His wife/my sister can figure out what he wants or needs and just tell me. But my brother's girlfriend is another story. I know little about her, she's much younger than me, and my brother is of no help whatsoever in suggesting gifts she might like. His answer was, "Apparel." It's a little hard to buy clothes for someone when you have never seen them and have no idea what size they where!
So I have been looking for just the right gift for a girly-girl I don't know. And something that will not take up too much space in her suitcase when she flies home. And I think I have landed on the absolute most perfect thing ever. In fact, I want it for myself! I'll probably buy one of these for each of the women on my shopping list! What woman doesn't need one of these??

The Grip N' Tip Nail Polish Holder- $7.98

I've looked up several of these online since discovering it. This one (specifically the "Grip n Tip") is $7.98, as compared to the other versions (the "Tip and Grip") that cost $25!

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