Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Water Purification Systems

If you want to protect your health and that of your family, domestic water purification systems can provide the answer. The problem is that today there are many different types and many cannot remove the harmful synthetic chemicals found in your drinking water. Discover how to find the most effective ones for healthy and pure water.
Traditional domestic water purification used to entail merely boiling the water! This does kill the harmful bacteria but will not remove the contaminants.
During the eighties and early nineties, reverse osmosis systems were popular and aggressively sold by network marketing companies for huge profits. They are still around today and still aggressively sold and overpriced, but now their many flaws are getting more widely known.
For example, they can only remove some of the chemicals like lead and chlorine and need another filter to improve the removal rate, leading to more unnecessary cost. They also remove trace minerals from the water like calcium which you do need to stay healthy.
In today's more environmentally aware society, I think it is unacceptable that these systems can waste up to 85% of the water they use! The waste cannot be recycled either, leaving you with an expensive, ineffective and wasteful filter.
The latest technology has brought about the most successful types of domestic water purification in the form of active carbon filters.
These are the only ones recommended by the EPA for removing many of the harmful contaminants like THMs and VOCs.
In addition they can remove 99% of all the main toxins found in tap water today including lead, chlorine, weedkiller, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, parasitic cysts and arsenic, but leave the minerals intact.
The introduction of chloramine instead of chlorine is going to make matters much worse. Already used to disinfect the supply of 1 in 5 Americans, this mixture of chlorine and ammonia results in higher lead levels.
Because this corrosive toxin stays in the system for longer, it leaches lead from the pipes and fittings, resulting in higher amounts of this cancer causing substance in your household supply.
Again, only the best active carbon domestic water purification systems can remove 99% of the lead and chlorine to leave you with safe and healthy water, with no odor or bad smell.
Always look for independently verified systems and good consumer reviews before your purchase, so you know that they will remove exactly what they say they will.

Discover the best domestic water purification system available today.

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of safe, pure and healthy filtered water. Visit his site now at and discover which products he recommends after extensive research.
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