Friday, November 23, 2012

Gift Ideas from the Washington Post

Gift ideas from the local celebs at the Washington Post

1. Gin Fizz Perfume- Wannabe princesses will swoon over this Gin Fizz scent by Parisian perfume maker Lubin. Distinguished by top notes of lemon, mandarin and juniper berry, it was created in 1955 in honor of Grace Kelly and named for a cocktail in fashion that year in Paris’s American bars. $135 at Goodwood, 1428 U St. NW, 
Or just $90 on Amazon

2. Bracelets from J. Crew- Impress your sister, who will find these sparkly bangles irresistibly wrist-worthy. Stun her with your fashion advice to mix them with bunches of other bracelets for additional texture and interest. $58 each at area J. Crew stores and

 3.  For home listeners, the importance of a set of quality headphones can’t be overestimated. “You shouldn’t allow lousy equipment to interfere with the listening experience,” Patrick Kigongo, guitar and bass player for the D.C.-based electronic rock group Ra Ra Rasputin, says. Sony’s MDR-V6 headphones meet the musician’s demanding standards for crisp sound. $109.99 at, or $70 on Amazon.

4. Your funky friend will like docking his iPhone into this silicone amplifier that doubles the sound without speakers, cords or cables. And the opening at the bottom allows charging while listening. Phone-ograph, $9.95 at

5. Olympian Gabby Douglas tells the Washington Post that tween and teen girls would all love these mini nail polishes in eight fun glittery and non-glittery colors stored in the familiar Crayola box. And I'll add, not just teens and tweens would love this. Totally cute!  $12 at

6.  So that your favorite technophile need not go glove-less in foul weather, the thumb, forefinger and middle finger in Muji’s new unisex Touchscreen Gloves are woven with a conductive material that allows texting and typing on all touchscreen devices whatever the thermometer says. $21.95 at Or $5.99 on Amazon. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy myself a pair of these!

They have 24 more gift ideas, all a little quirkier than the last! Check it out on the WashingtonPost.
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