Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awesome Deals on Amazon

Who doesn't get excited for an HDMI 6ft Cable? I know the idea gets my heart racing. Normally, such a hot commodity goes for an outrageous $39.99. But act now and you can save 94%! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said save 94%!! For a mere $2.25 (and free shipping) this beautiful 2 meter cable can connect your electronics in no time!

Next on our list of products you just can't wait to buy, and have nothing to do with the product above-

You can get your very own the Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set for 50% off. Considering the popularity of this series, and how nice a boxed set looks under the tree, what are you waiting for? Buy it now for $28.49. (who doesn't love a random, but true, number?)

Tired of the same old Christmas music? Then check out A Very She and Him Christmas from Amazon MP3, and download the whole album for a mere $5 and a few seconds later, you can spare your ears from the overly-played crap on the radio!

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