Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SunChips Compostable Bag

Who doesn't love the tastiness of SunChips? Oh those lovely, flavorful, healthier than average, snack chips! Personally, I love the Harvest Cheddar.
SunChips recently introduced a new compostable bag to protect and house their tasty little chips. But there was a little problem.

You can't sneak these babies into the back of a classroom, or munch at work, with these bags! You could wake the living dead with these bags.

So SunChips to the rescue again.
Less than six months after pulling the original (NOISY) compostable bags due to complaints, SunChips announced today that it has created a new, quieter, version
The move last fall to withdraw the green plant-based packaging from all flavor of chips except original, drew both praise and scorn. After all, it had only been 18 months since the company had championed its new eco-friendly bags - the first of its kind that could be broken down in an active compost bin in as little as 14 weeks.
The move disappointed environmentalists, with many upset that SunChips would so quickly abandon its sustainability goals over fragile ears.
According to the AP, the company found that by changing the razor-thin adhesive used in separating the inside of the bag from the outside with all the logos and other information, it created a kind of noise barrier.
That new discovery led to the decibel levels of the packaging going from 80-85 decibels to just around 70 decibels - or the noise level of a standard chip bag.
The new compostable bags are making their way into stores but will only be available in original flavor for now. Understandably, SunChips is waiting to hear whether any critical noise is generated before rolling out the new packaging to the rest of its product line.

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