Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Need gift ideas for a man?
Why are men so hard to shop for?

Gifts for men

Kindle- prices range from $69 to $499 for a Kindle now. A perfectly adequate e-reader is merely $69, but you can get a slightly fancy, HD, tablet designed for computing, internet usage, and maybe even reading for $499. 

gifts for men

The GoPro HD Hero2: Outdoor Edition - $269.
That would be a camera that can be mounted on a helmet, worn on your head, and gets the proof of all those crazy stunts your favorite daredevil has always wanted. Also, when not mounted, can also be handheld and serves as a perfectly good, normal camera!

Star Wars Lego - $99
If he loves Star Wars and Legos, this is the perfect gift. And I don't know any grown up boy who doesn't love those two things!

Groom Mate XL - $18.88
It is a long running joke in my family that every year someone has to buy my father a nose/ear hair trimmer. He even puts it on the list every year so that we don't forget to get him one.

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