Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Demand Gap be Held Accountable in Cambodia!

Gap employees in Cambodia fainting on the job
Employees fainting at a Gap factory in Cambodia

As you know, I spent a month volunteering in Cambodia in September 2011. While I was working with human trafficking victims, my housemate, Joel, was working with human rights advocates. Joel has been fortunate enough to be offered a full-time job in Cambodia working in human rights advocacy. Joel personally sent me this information and has requested that I help spread the word about Gap's unfair practices in Cambodia.

Last year a Gap sourcing factory framed a trade union leader on drug charges to shut him up; he was imprisoned for 10 months until we had him released; there were 1500 workers that fainted on the factory floors in 6 months; they pay 90% of their workers less than the minimum cost of living; and another 60 workers hit the deck last week...

Companies like Gap are sentencing women to a slow and painful death while this factory pulled $16 million dollars in profit in 2009. Our activities have earned the respect of Puma and Adidas who will come to Phnom Penh next week to account for their actions in front of 300 abused women that work in their factories; but Gap refuses to participate. DEMAND GAP BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

You can make a difference by joining the People's Tribunal! 
Take one minute out of your day to send an email to, and leave a comment on Gap's Facebook page, demanding they take responsibility for their actions, and create better working conditions for their employees in Cambodia.

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