Friday, December 23, 2011

Continue Saving After Christmas

Guest post by Laura Shea from A Goddess of Frugality

The holidays are going to be over before we know it. Stay frugal after Christmas and take the time to shop for decorations, gift wrap, holiday cards, Christmas candy and more at 50% off. Hold out for 75% or more if you can, but realize your selection may be more limited at that point.

Purchasing these items at big savings gives you options. You will either be ahead for next year or you can plan a celebration for family and/or friends after the holidays. Use the decorations, candy, etc.  purchased at a discount for the party. This is also a great way to save on gifts. If you start a tradition of celebrating after Christmas, you can purchase every day gifts (not just those that are holiday themed) at discounts. You will also deal with less crowds and have more time for shipping if you are shopping online. If you aren't into having a belated celebration, get out there and get those gifts for next year and save big!

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