Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas Deals at Barnes and Noble

Apparently there are some people who really do their Christmas shopping before December. Personally, I've never understood that concept! Going out in December in the cold, moving in the crowds, and seeing the decorations is all a part of the Christmas experience for me! But I have to admit now that most of my family lives in far flung places I do most of my shopping online and have it shipped directly to them. By searching out deals online, and not having to drive to the mall, and then the post office, I save a ton of money.

John Grisham Litigators Barnes and Noble
I love John Grisham books and I can't wait to get to this one!
Christmas Deals on Nooks

Did you know the Nook Color has a fun feature called "Lend Me" where you can "borrow" books from friends who also have Nooks? So if you are thinking you wouldn't want a Nook because you wouldn't have anything to read on it, you are wrong! We can be friends on there (I have one and I LOVE it!!) and you can borrow all my books (and I have about 50!).

Another reason I love Nooks is the reduction in printing books. Authors and publishers are still making their money (and I'm a huge advocate of authors getting paid better for their work!), but production goes down, saving both trees and the cost to the consumer. 

And for all you people who think that e-readers don't feel like real books (trust me, you get over that in about 30 seconds of actually holding one in your hands) did you know you can get fun book covers for your Nook? (I have the Paterson quote cover and I love it.)

In my humble opinion, Barnes and Noble is one stop shopping for Christmas. There is something for everyone there! (And I'm not getting paid to say that. I really believe it. Just ask my family.) Your kid isn't a book reader but loves Angry Birds? No problem! (Did you know you can play Angry Birds on your Nook? True story. Also, its way better on a Nook than on a phone because it is so much bigger!)

I have to admit, I think this series looks totally cute. I may have to read it just to find out.
books for kids

And let's not forget the best gift of them all- the gift card!  The gift that says, "You are impossible to shop for, so go buy it yourself!"
christmas deals

Another fun and interesting fact- if you are concerned that someone may have a Nook, and therefore you wouldn't want to give them a book, you can always give them a gift card. Nook users can apply the gift cards to their accounts to buy eBooks.

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