Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make money doing product reviews

Have you wanted to know how you can make money doing product reviews on your blog? Then you need to check out Business2Bloggers
Here's how it works-

  • B2B brings you many opportunities that didn’t even exist before. They teach Businesses how to bring you offers, and then pairs you with them. For free.
  • B2B won’t make you rich. It won’t pay your mortgage. Don’t look at B2B as a work-at-home income source. This is a place where you may find the chance to do product reviews (and then keep the product or make a few bucks).
  • You won’t get picked to do a review each week, and that is okay! They work with a LOT of Bloggers, and although they get many offers, you will not always get the job you want. In the end, the Business makes the final decision who to contact, which is based on readership and blog relevancy.
  • Business2Blogger is a Business, run by 3 Bloggers. The service will always remain free for the Blogger to receive the offers, and there will always be an option available for Businesses to run a free campaign.
  • Your privacy is important. You will never get more than one email with blogging opportunities per day from B2B, and they will NEVER sell your contact information. Any information you choose to give is ONLY used to pair you with Blogging opportunities.
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