Thursday, November 4, 2010

Money Saving Tip: why take lessons when you can YouTube for free?

I got this idea from one of the young women I work with at church. She taught herself to play the guitar by watching YouTube clips. I have been wanting to take yoga classes for a while now, but have held back because I didn't want to pay for them. I've considered purchasing a DVD, but again, I've hesitated because I didn't want to spend money. So when I heard about the guitar lessons on YouTube, I thought, why not look for yoga clips?
It has been perfect for me!
So money saving tip of the day- why pay for lessons when you can watch them for free on YouTube?
(Not to mention, I really like not having to humiliate myself in public with my debilitating downward dog!)
Yoga Challenge for Beginners by Tara Stiles
Yoga for Balance
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