Monday, November 1, 2010

Catalina Coupons

What is a Catalina Coupon? It is the random little coupons that spit out of the machine at the grocery store checkout. They are both based on your shopping patterns, and manufacturer, or store promoted. Ever bought a cup on Dannon yogurt and 2 seconds later a coupon printed out? It is likely not going to be a coupon for Dannon yogurt, but instead probably for one of Dannon's competitors like Activia or Yoplait.
Before I better understood couponing I would ignore these or throw them away as soon as they printed. After all, I had just bought yogurt, why would I want a coupon for another brand 2 seconds later? But now I know better.
Catalina coupons are usually worth more than the Sunday paper coupons! (However, they usually cannot be doubled.) They will frequently be for free samples (the competition wants you to try their product!)
And the best reason to pay attention to Catalinas? "$10 off your next grocery purchase!" Stores will give you cash incentives to come back! They will actually pay you to shop!
So use customer reward/membership/loyalty cards so that the stores can figure out your shopping habits. You will get rewarded for it!
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