Friday, October 29, 2010

When life forces you to cut back financially

Everyone has their own reasons for needing to cut back financially, whether it be the desire to save money in order to spend it elsewhere, sudden new expenses, or a lack of income. For me it was the double whammy of getting laid off (and my unemployment coverage was approximately 15% of my old salary) and sudden new expenses. Not to mention, I'm just morally opposed to paying more than I have to for anything.
So how does a girl who loves to eat out, buy nice jeans, and travel get by on a shoestring budget and barely any money?
Well, that's where this blog comes in. I'm trying to journal my experiences (I just haven't done a very good job so far) as I attempt to cut back 85% of my expenses!
The first thing I did was start "extreme couponing." With this one tool alone I managed to save nearly 60% on my grocery bill, and stock up on essential items. Stick around, and later this week I will teach you everything I know about it!
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