Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest Post- Essential Oils

Guest Post from Heidi at All the Sanity in Me

Heidi has recently learned about Essential Oils from DoTerra. Here is what she has to say about helping kids make the adjustment going back to school- without drugs!

My cousin Rachel participated in a Webinar last week with doTERRA. It was all about kids going back to school and how we can help them using essential oils. I found it quite intriguing, and thought I would just post her notes here. I am educating others about essential oils, for more information please visit All the Sanity in Me.

Important for healthy kids:
*Enhanced Immunity
*Proper Rest
*Mental Clarity and Focus

First thing Dr Hill mentioned was ESTABLISH DAILY ROUTINES.

Then he talked about Internal Immune Defense
PB Assist- for a healthy Flora
Note: he suggested double up on the normal 5 days/month and do 2 rounds. 1 round and then 2 day break, and then do another round.
On Guard on the go drops

Then he talked about External Immune Defense
On guard wipes. Note: they made it a wipe so that you can clean your skin AND surfaces like lunch table/desk etc
And then the On Guard Oil apply to the bottom of feet.

8 hours of rest and quality of sleep are important.

He suggested Morning Routine
Balance: apply to bottom of feet, temples and base of skull

Part of Nightly Routine
Serenity: Diffuse while getting ready for bed, or have set to go off in the middle of night too. Use it in Bath, and apply to feet and spine

Peppermint/ Citrus Bliss : for studying

He also recommended premix small bottle of peppermint and citrus bliss to be used at school 1:2 ratio peppermint(since so strong): citrus bliss

Note: He talked about how the scent alone helps retain information, and if used before a test will help the student remember what they learned.

Also for kids that have ADHD he recommended adding on Vetiver oil.
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