Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The argument for an organic lifestyle

I'll put this article under "going green." Lately I've been considering the benefits of a more organic eating lifestyle. Right now I'm not all that convinced that the "organic" foods at the regular grocery store are all that organic. I'm a skeptic that they aren't just overpriced midget foods. But I have a personal belief that it is all the fillers we put in processed foods, and all of the hormones we put in foods now that lead to allergies, sensitivities, and the overabundance in behavioral disorders. I have no scientific proof to back me up, but that's just what my (allergic, sensitive) gut tells me. (Sidenote: I'm horribly allergic to wheat and corn. Guess what 2 of the 3 most popular fillers are in foods? I'll give you a hint. The third is rice.)
So this article Female Babies in China Growing Breasts disturbs me a lot. The argument is that the children are getting growth hormones because the hormones are fed to the cattle. Cattle are fed growth hormones to get them to grow faster, so they can be slaughtered and made profitable sooner. If boobs on babies isn't an argument for eating non-hormone fed beef, I don't know what is.
You'll notice I'm not making an argument for a vegetarian lifestyle. I'm not into that. I do see the benefits, but I'm not an advocate. I am a big believer in the "everything in its season" style of eating. When it is in harvest, you eat it. And that man is to dominate over the beast of the field, which is to say, we get to eat meat. I just don't believe that we have the right to "create" life just for the act of killing it. (Feeding them hormones to grow them faster, just so we can eat them.) I'd rather see "us" properly ration out our food and balance our diets accordingly.
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